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  • What is Paracord?
    Paracord, made in the USA with 100% nylon, comprises various types with more or fewer strands and cores, resulting in different strengths. There are more than ten different types of Paracord, each suitable for diverse applications. Paracord Type III, also known as Paracord 550, consists of a sheath made of 32 strands and a core made of seven double strands, having a thickness of 4 mm. The core structure bestows upon Paracord a strength of 550 pounds (249 kg). The original production place of Paracord is the United States, and it is 100% nylon. The quality requirements and production process for the original Paracord are specified in the military standards of the US Army (Mil-Spec), manufactured as MIL-C-5040H Type III Paracord. MIL-C-5040H Type III is a Paracord type suitable for outdoor activities. The Paracords used in leash production (Type III MIL-C-5040) are commercial grade 100% nylon Paracords developed according to the US Military specification MIL-C-5040H. This means the Paracord used has a tensile strength of 550 pounds (249 kg) (minimum breaking point). In addition to the listed features, Paracord is light and resistant to decay, mold, fungal growth, and UV rays. All these qualities make Paracord an ideal material for collar production. History of Paracord Paracord (Mil-Spec) was first used by the US Army during World War II for parachute cords. After parachute landings, the cords were used for various applications such as fastening equipment, securing backpacks to transport vehicles, or anchoring camouflage nets to trees or vehicles. Later, during the 82nd Space Shuttle mission, astronauts used Paracord to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Which Paracord does Redzill use in collar making?
    We use 100% Nylon Paracord 550 (Type III) made by a US Paracord manufacturer, developed from commercial-grade nylon parachute cord, produced according to the US Military specification called Type III MIL-C-5040 (Original American-made), and is GSA compliant. This means that the Paracord used in our dog collars has a tensile strength of 550 lbs (249 kg).
  • What is Biothane?
    Biothane is a polyester webbing coated with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Biothane is utilized in applications where durability, flexibility, and resistance are crucial. It is easily cleanable, waterproof, flexible, and resistant to wear, mold, bacteria, odor, and moisture, as well as being lightweight and maintenance-free. The breaking strength of Biothane measures at 220 kg for the 13 mm version, 280 kg for 16 mm, 340 kg for 19 mm, and 454 kg for 25 mm. It is exclusively manufactured in a single facility in North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA, and protected worldwide by a patent.
  • Is BioThane better than leather?
    BioThane is a more durable, cleanable, stronger, and maintenance-free material. It also offers a much wider range of colors.
  • How to measure the correct neck size for the dog collar?
    Before placing an order, it's crucial to take the correct neck measurement. Your pet's comfort and safety are the prime focus during this process. Therefore, please do not place an order without ensuring the accuracy of the measurements taken. You can access support materials that will assist you in obtaining the correct measurement at For more detailed information, you can ask us a question at
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